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Rescue and Adoption
Lacey, Washington

Photo by: Brenna Evans



1. The owner is having a baby in March. In light of pregnancy stress, we are not taking in any surrenders until April.

2. Adoptions will still be open as many piggies are looking for loving homes. 

3. volunteering for cleaning cages is OPEN! You can contact us and schedule a time.



Monday-Saturday: 10am-7:00pm

Sunday: Closed



Handmade crafts and more!

Every penny goes right back into the care and well being of the piggies.


What we do

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Rescue & Adoption

Want to adopt or surrender?

Here we rescue and adopt out guinea piggies. We are not prejudice of any breed, age, or gender. We provide meet and greets as well. 


Need a safe place for your piggie while traveling?

Here we provide secure housing. We treat our piggies with Oxbow brand food and treats, unlimited hay, outside playtime on our untreated lawn. Updates each day to ensure the well being of your piggie.$10 a day per cage.


Full blow out:

Our full groom includes: wet or dry bath, blow dry, nails, fur brushing, and boar cleaning. We use guinea pig safe products with no sulfates or other harmful chemicals and perfumes. We treat with fresh organic veggies or oxbow treats. (with permission)


Quality photographs

 Everything is sanitized after each session to ensure safety for each session. 

Prices: $10 for 4 photos per shoot.


News & Resources



How to rehabilitate your piggie emotionally and mentally.

Every creature responds to five senses:
Reduce them and slowly introduce one at a time.
1. Touch: Wrap your piggie in a soft blanket. Place on your lap. That's all. 
2. Vision: Reduce the lighting to dim.
3. Hearing: Reduce ALL sound. Quietly whisper. 
4. Taste: Introduce new tastes one at a time each day.
5. Smell: Reduce all scented candles, perfumes, room sprays, and essential oils.
Each day, slowly increase each sense one at a time in small increments. This process will take about two weeks depending on the severity of the neglect. Be patient. Be sure to get rid of your own negative emotions as your piggie will be able to sense that and it can hinder their healing progress.

Top Nutrition brand (2021)

Check out the link below to visit the Oxbow website.


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