Adoption Page

Please be sure you have done your research to know how to properly care for the animal you want to adopt. Be sure to understand the financial commitment you are taking on as well. Pets are NOT toys. They are family!


Cage Size Minimum:

1-2 piggies: 3x5ft

3 piggies: 3x7ft 



5 month old female

Miss Honey is a sweet snuggly gal who loves to be held and kissed. She is sweet, happy, and would enjoy companionship.
Adoption fee: $15
Location: Lacey, Washington



5 old female

Miss Pancake is a very sweet cheerful gal. She came to us pregnant at 4 months of age and now that her kiddos have been adopted, she is ready for her forever home in paradise. 
Adoption fee: $15
Location: Lacey, Washington



1 month old female

Miss Waffles is a very happy talkative gal. She is a bit shy but overall sweet and playful.
Adoption fee: $15
Location: Lacey, Washington


Sam & Froto

1 month old brothers.

These two boys are snuggly and relaxed boys. They enjoy being curious and engulfed in floofy blankets. They love to play and popcorn around their cage.

Adoption fee total: $30

Location: Lacey, Washington 



1.5 year old female

Julia is a very sweet, happy girl. She enjoys snuggles, kisses, and of course lots of snacks. She is best in her own cage next to other piggies.
Adoption fee: $15
Location: Lacey, Washington.



2 month old Female

Miss Maple is a happy, popcorning, snack munchin, companion seeking gal who would love to be your piggie baby.
Adoption fee: $15
Location: Lacey, Washington


Holly & Hally

1.5 year old females

These two princesses are full of snuggles and crave cuddles. They enjoy lots of snacks. They are a little shy at first but warm up fast. They are bonded.
Adoption fee total: $20
Location: Lacey, Wa