Adoption form

Please fill out the form with the names of the piggies you want to adopt.


Cage Size Minimum:
1-2 piggies: 3ft x 5ft
3 piggies: 3ft x 7ft
4+ piggies: 9ft+



2.5 year old male

Hobbs is a VERY sweet boy who enjoys your company. He is active, adventurous, and very vocal. He would be best paired with a baby under 4 months of age or next to other piggies.

Adoption fee: $15

Location: Lacey, Washington 


Holly & Hally

1.5 year old females

These two princesses are full of snuggles and crave cuddles. They enjoy lots of snacks. They are a little shy at first but warm up fast. They are bonded.
Adoption fee total: $30
Location: Lacey, Wa


Cocoa & Caramel

2 year old females

These sweet girls are VERY talkative and enjoy warm cozy snuggles. They are Bonded.
Adoption fee total: $30
Location: Lacey, Wa.


Oreo Cookie

3 year old neutered male

Mr. Oreo Cookie is a wonderful chunky boy who is sweet and snuggly. 
Adoption fee: $15
Location: Lacey, Wa.



1 month old Female

Marigold is a sweet girl. She enjoys snuggles and is looking for another female companion. 
Adoption fee: $20
Location: Lacey, Washington


Gardenia & Rose

1 month old bonded females

These two bonded sisters are absolutely wonderful. They are happy and loving. They enjoys snacks and cuddle time.
Adoption fee total: $40
Location: Lacey, Washington



1 year old male

This sweet boy enjoys snuggles and LOTS of snacks. He is quite a gentleman. His Christmas wish is to be a part of your family.Adoption fee $15Location: Lacey, Washington.